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1 Jassob

Computer science and engineer student happily hacking Haskell and messing around in Emacs on whatever free time he has left after obligations to various committees and societies on Chalmers and his studies.

When not hacking Haskell or modifying Emacs he tries to finish of his ever-growing reading list.

1.1 Courses

1.2 Current committees and societies

As of spring 2019 I am currently active in:

1.3 Previous committees and societies

This is a sort of chronologically sorted (possibly incomplete) list of my engagements since I started Chalmers 2013:

1.4 Contact information

Easiest way to contact me is via mail on jacob.t.jonsson@gmail.com , but I am also reachable on twitter as twitter.com/#jassobse, facebook as facebook.com/jassob.jonsson or by pinging me (jassob) on irc.dtek.se.

I am trying to verify my identities around the internet using keybase.io, you'll find me on keybase.io/jassob where you also find links to every other site that I am on.

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